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Used Cars Under $12,000 in Norfolk, VA

The manufacturer's suggested retail price, or MSRP, on vehicles keeps rising. If you watch television or listen to the radio, you probably hear ads about new cars and SUVs that cost as much as $30,000. When you factor in all the extra options that you might want, the cost can rise to $40,000 or more. Finding a car that you can afford once took a lot of effort. You probably went through classified ads in the paper, looked at dozens of websites and even visited dealerships in your city. At Bay Automotive, we now offer a range of vehicles priced at or below $12,000 for Norfolk, VA shoppers.

When the government launched the Cash for Clunkers program, it did so as a way to get cars that used too much gas or did too much damage to the environment off the road. The program significantly reduced the number of affordable cars that were in the world too. We offer affordable vehicles for drivers of all ages and types. When you look at the vehicles we have for sale at prices under $12,000, you'll find SUVs, trucks and cars from major manufacturers like Ford, Toyota and Chevy.

Used Vehicles Under $12,000

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Benefits of Buying Used Cars

Anytime that you buy and finance a car, you are responsible for making the monthly payments put in place by your lender. When purchasing a new car, you might find that your payments climb above $400 or even $500 a month. With the used cars available from Bay Automotive, you can drop those payments by more than $100 a month. Your used car payments depend on the amount you paid and your interest rate too.

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You'll also find that buying used helps you avoid the depreciation problems associated with new cars. While a brand new car might be worth $30,000, as soon as you put any miles on the engine, its total value drops by several thousand dollars. Its overall value will continue dropping over the coming years. When you buy an older model, you'll find that your car retains its value for years to come.

Another great benefit of buying used is that you can spend less money. Whether you need a dependable vehicle for your new teenage driver, your spouse needs a new car or you need to replace your old model, you can easily find a quality used car from our dealership that costs less than $12,000. Some of the vehicles we sell will even come in under $12,000 after factoring in the taxes and miscellaneous fees you need to pay before driving it off the lot.

Quality Used Cars

At Bay Automotive, we will never sell you a car that we wouldn't drive ourselves. Though lemon laws protect consumers and help shoppers save money, we believe in taking things a step further. Our mechanics and workers will check every feature and component on a vehicle, including the headlights, engine, body, electrical system and interior, before it goes up for sale on our lot. This guarantees that you get a car, truck or SUV that runs like a dream for a low price.

Take a test drive at Bay Automotive before talking about financing. Schedule your test drive at our Norfolk, VA lot to find the perfect car under $12,000.